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Your Cost Effective Drainage Solution.

Why Hydrowick® is  your Cost Effective Drainage Solution.

Hydrowick's® unique ability to provide effective and efficient drainage, coupled with its low cost and minimally invasive installation process, makes it the ultimate tool to enhance surface quality. Maximize play time and minimize downtime with Hydrowick.

Within just hours you can address surface drainage issues, while avoiding costly repair, downtime, and future maintenance.


Everything You Need To Know

How Hydrowick® Works

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Surface moisture and ponding water is a common problem for golf courses, athletic fields, and lawns. Hydrowick's unique design offers fast free flow drainage and significant flow capacity within hours of heavy rain.

Hydrowick's patented design wicks surface moisture and allows for water to pass through its open stainless core using passive capillary action to pull water and manage where it is channeled and dispersed.

Hydrowick addresses excess water that is unaccessible by conventional pipe systems allowing for quicker recovery time and an improved turf quality. A long-term solution that is effective in a wide-range of areas.

Residential Landscaping
Commercial Landscaping
Land Development
Parks and Recreation

Fairways, Greens, Tee Decks

Retaining Walls, Gardens, Lawns

Athletic Fields and Municipal Parks

Green Spaces and Playing Areas

Channeling Water Between Grades

Installing Hydrowick®

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Our team has assisted in developing the Aqua-Terra Sandbander installation procedure ensuring a quick and seamless install with no excessive excavation, complicated pipe maintenance, and expensive french drain work.Our Installation technique doesn't require shutting down for long periods of time and ensures playability within 24 hours. With minimum disruption and a quicker healing time than conventional slit drainage, Hydrowick has proven to be a quality and long-term solution.

The Aqua-Terra Sandbander installs the Hydrowick while backfilling with dry sand and rolling the seam. An all-in-one approach to minimize downtime and maximize drainage.

Hydrowick can be tied into headers, catch basins or tailored into a predetermined area/runoff.

Minimize Downtime. Maximize Playtime.

Minimize Downtime. Maximize Playtime.

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